What Does DBI Stand for?

What Does DBI Stand for?

Here is another question I recently received. I thought it might interest my readers:

What does DBI stand for?

DBI stands for Duncan & Buck Industries. Their story, however, does not end there. After their name was shortened to DBI, their company was bought by BH SALA from Sweden. They then became DBI-SALA. This company was then bought by the corporation Capital Safety, who is the current parent company.

Most people still use DBI when referring to their products. Although they are now technically Capital Safety items, their products are still made in the same DBI factories by the same experienced DBI workers. They still provide the same quality products you have come to know and expect and are made by Americans in the heartland of America.

Now that's something to be proud of when donning you Capital Safety gear!

Dec 14th 2010 Administrator

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