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Top 3 Tips on How to Work Without Pain and Injury
May 26th 2017

Top 3 Tips on How to Work Without Pain and Injury

Many workers are required to spend hours on their feet during their work shifts. Did you know that excessive standing is as detrimental to your health as prolonged sitting? The usual complaints are lower back and knee pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, sore feet as a result of too much standing at work. To reduce the negative effects, it is recommended to change working positions frequentl … read more
Jun 25th 2012

What Are the Best Products for Standing and Kneeling?

Very few products at PK Safety have as many customer reviews as the ErgoKneel kneeling products we carry. All of the 23 reviews are 5-stars, except for one 4-star. That guy must have been a tough grader. The most popular ErgoKneel product, judging by the number of stellar reviews, is the Large ErgoKneel Kneeling Mat. SK from South Korea writes about the Large ErgoKneel: … read more