What Are the Best Products for Standing and Kneeling?

What Are the Best Products for Standing and Kneeling?

Very few products at PK Safety have as many customer reviews as the ErgoKneel kneeling products we carry. All of the 23 reviews are 5-stars, except for one 4-star. That guy must have been a tough grader.

The most popular ErgoKneel product, judging by the number of stellar reviews, is the Large ErgoKneel Kneeling Mat.

SK from South Korea writes about the Large ErgoKneel: "I spend a good majority of my day working on my knees in the cockpit of helicopters. I have tried knee pads before and didn't really like the overall comfort/convenience. We'd use packing foam or tool box shadowing foam to kneel on but since it really isn't "mine" they'd get picked up by someone else needing them."

"The ErgoKneel mat is much more comfortable to kneel on, and it is mine so no one can pick it up for themselves. So far its been three weeks of heavy use, and no signs of future durability issues. Others in the hangar have tried it and said they'll be purchasing their own soon."

DIYers also like the ErgoKneel mats. Have any outdoor projects this summer? Patrick from Denver writes: "These are the greatest! A few Summers ago I put in a brick patio with strap on knee pads and it was very inconvenient to keep putting them on and off, so I worked without them. I ended up injuring my right knee (tore something inside it) and was hobbling for months afterward. Luckily it finally healed, and have used these ErgoKneels ever since."

"This large one is a nice size because you can move around on it a little while working. Don't worry about the cost, just get it!"

Another popular ErgoKneel product is the Extreme Standing Mat (pictured above). A customer in Centralia, WA writes: "Our repair facility purchased 6 ergo kneels for the technicians. They spend a lot of time on their knees performing brake jobs, engine repairs, etc. and this product definitely saves their knees from discomfort and eventual problems. We would definitely recommend this product for anyone that spends any length of time on their knees doing work."

With customer recommendations like this, we don't need to say more. But if you'd like us to, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-829-9580 or contact us online at

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Jun 25th 2012 Justin McCarter

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