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Over Complicating Safety
Mar 11th 2017

Over Complicating Safety

By Brian Mitchell, HSE officer, and drilling consultant The rig count is climbing once again, and completions activity is increasing. Personnel who have been out of the business for a period of time and new hires are being put to work. With that, many are expressing concerns about restarting effective safety programs and avoiding serious injuries that come with the early stages … read more
Aug 26th 2013

What are the Differences Between Single-Gas H2S Monitors?

Here at PK we sell lots of gas monitors. A large portion of those sales are for single gas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) monitors. Because we sell several brands and models of single gas monitors, the question is inevitably "what's the difference?" First let's start with the industry leader in single-gas H2S monitors - the BW Honeywell Clip H2S Monitor. This is a 2-year, fixed-life … read more