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Toxic Hand Sanitizers
Aug 19th 2020

Toxic Hand Sanitizers

Once COVID-19 was first discovered within the United States, hand sanitizer became difficult to find online and in stores. Even before the pandemic, hand sanitizer was commonly recommended to keep your hands clean both in public and at home. The national shortage has led to new and existing companies moving into the hand sanitizer businesses, which has unfortunately led to toxic products that c … read more
Feb 20th 2012

15% Off Coretex Hand Sanitizer

PK Safety Supply is excited to offer fifteen percent off Coretex hand sanitizer until March 20, 2012! Just visit and enter the code CLEAN15 at checkout for instant savings! Let’s go in for a closer look at this great product. Over the past few years, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular, both for convenience and effectiveness at fightin … read more