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Nov 19th 2012

Mold Cleanup Kit Protects Workers Fixing Flood Damage

For thousands of people affected by Hurricanes, cleaning up and making their homes and businesses habitable again is a big challenge. When the flood waters recede it is often replaced by mold in damp materials like wallboard, insulation, carpeting, wallpaper, and wood paneling. All of that material needs to be removed, and workers need to be protected from airborne mold spores that can get into … read more
Nov 13th 2012

Superstorm Sandy Leaves Mold Problems for Flood Vicitms

Clean up from superstorm Sandy is going to take time. One of the ongoing problems the residents who saw flooding will face is getting rid of the mold. As they reclaim their houses and businesses, they are finding flooring, chairs, walls, and other porous materials that have been wet for more than a couple of days are accumulating mold colonies. The longer the mold is allowed to continue t … read more
Sep 6th 2012

West Nile Poses Health Hazard in Wake of Hurricane Isaac

Residents of the areas affected by Hurricane Isaac could see (or at least hear) greater numbers of mosquitoes and have increased exposure to the West Nile virus soon according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The recent Category 1 hurricane, while lacking the raging winds of faster-moving storm systems, brought wide-spread flooding and that flooding may create expanded b … read more