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Feb 13th 2012

15% Off Aervoe Collapsible Safety Cones

PK is excited to offer 15% off Aervoe collapsible safety cones with LED beacons until March 12, 2012. Just enter the coupon code CONE15 at checkout for instant savings. From a young age, we in the good old US of A are conditioned to think “Caution!” when we see a big orange cone. So important is this knowledge that the Federal Highway Commission published a key book of rules called the  … read more
Nov 28th 2011

10% Off of All Rain Gear

Rain gear is essential, but it can be a pain. It tears, is hard to put on, or just plain doesn’t work. I remember one awful fishing trip when my rain gear froze stiff as a board! Another time, I put my boot right through the pant leg! Rain or wet conditions are a necessary evil of a lot of jobs, but poor quality rain gear no longer has to be a part of the problem. The way to tell g … read more