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May 14th 2014

I-Beam Anchorage for At-Height Workers

Recently a construction company contacted us to ask about using a Miller Beam Anchor. They knew the anchor had the ability to provide anchorage for fall protection when used in a horizontal application. The 8816-14 from Miller is a typical beam anchor designed to provide an overhead attachment point on an I-beam or an H-beam. What they wanted to know was could they use the same product in on … read more
May 7th 2014

Keeping Your ANSI Z359 SRLs Compliant

ANSI Z359.1 was published in 1992 and approved a scant 15 years later. Slowly grind the wheels of progress. And ANSI Z359 is progress in terms of worker safety, even if it is going to cost more money in the short run. Greater regulation of worker safety almost inevitably means increased administrative work and expense for employers, compliance provides improved safety for workers and increased … read more
Jun 26th 2013

Why Your Wineries' Gas Monitors Might Not Work

Harvest in the wine country is the peak of activity in the winemaking cycle. It's Go Time - The playoffs of the wine growing season. Preparing for the avalanche of grapes means everything in the winery must be tested, sanitized, and ready. Lab equipment for checking sugar, pH, and total acidity must be made ready, barrels need to be prepped, presses cleaned, and sorting tables sorted. It's also … read more
Jul 23rd 2012

Roofers Kit Provides At-Height Safety and Compliance

September 15th, 2012 is the date compliance with 29 federal OSHA regulations for residential builders will be required. Under 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13) any roofer or residential builder working in an area 6 ft. or more above lower levels must be protected by conventional fall protection. In the past, roofers were allowed to work under the 25 ft. ground to eave threshold. No longer. Th … read more