I-Beam Anchorage for At-Height Workers

I-Beam Anchorage for At-Height Workers

Recently a construction company contacted us to ask about using a Miller Beam Anchor. They knew the anchor had the ability to provide anchorage for fall protection when used in a horizontal application. The 8816-14 from Miller is a typical beam anchor designed to provide an overhead attachment point on an I-beam or an H-beam. What they wanted to know was could they use the same product in on a vertical beam?

I'll keep the suspense to a minimum. Yes. Turns out Miller is perfectly happy to have folks use the ShadowLite Anchor on a vertical H-beam or I-beam. But they remind users that foot-level attachment requires a lanyard that is specifically approved for the greater fall force and strain experienced when the attachment point is at or near the platform workers are standing on.

Folks also call this type of application leading edge work since it often takes place at the top of a construction project. Something like the DBI-SALA Force2 Lanyard with Shock Pack is approved for this type of work. For even more protection, retractable lifelines like the Nano-Lok Edge with its steel cable meet leading edge work requirements where the structure may also feature sharp edges.

Both of these lanyard options are designed to meet not only the OSHA fall safety standards with regard to limiting fall forces acted upon the worker, but also the more stringent ANSI Z359 standards. And I think we can all agree, a soft landing is always preferable in these cases.

If you have specific questions about your work site and the best anchorage options, give us a ring at 1-800-829-9580 or find us online at

May 14th 2014 Justin McCarter

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