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How to Protect Against Arc Flash Hazards
Nov 7th 2017

How to Protect Against Arc Flash Hazards

An arc flash is a dangerous release of energy produced by an electrical fault in the air from one phase to another phase, or from one phase to the ground. The elements released during an arc flash event are: intense light, sound, pressure, and extremely high temperatures. Arc flash hazards exist in many professional environments, but those who work in or around energized electrical equipment ar … read more
Arc Flash 101
Sep 6th 2016

Arc Flash 101

Arc flash concerns were first published in 1982 in Ralph Lee's paper “The Other Electrical Hazard: Electric Arc Blast Burns.” Arc flash hazards were not formally studied until 1993, which is why they are still the least understood electrical hazard existing in most industries. Wikipedia defines arc flash as "the light and heat produced from an electric arc supplied with sufficient electrical … read more
ARC Flash and OSHA Regulations in 2015
Jul 28th 2015

ARC Flash and OSHA Regulations in 2015

An arc flash occurs when an electrical current leaves its intended path and travels from one conductor to another. This may result in fire, flying objects (traveling at more than 700 mph), blast pressure, sound blast (exceeding 160 dB) and heat (exceeding 30,000 F). If an arc flash makes contact with a person, injury and death may occur depending on proximity of the worker to the source, temper … read more
Apr 19th 2015

Comfortable Flame Resistant Work Clothing

For electricians and electric power industry workers the threat of electrical arc is the most serious they face. During their short blasts, flash hazard temperatures can be literally hotter than the sun. Combine this with the pressure wave from the explosion and searing flying metallic particles, and you've got yourself a seriously bad situation. The clothing electrical workers choose can pl … read more
Mar 17th 2015

Fall Protection for Welders and Highway Safety

Working at height can be dangerous. Welding is also rife with hazardous possibilities. Do them both at the same time and you're a special type of person. This photo was taken during a highway traffic stop in Costa Rica. While I don't consider the typical Costa Rican construction project to be overly safe, I was amazed to see the level of safety exhibited in this photo. First let's … read more
Dec 29th 2014

Electrical Worker Fall Safety Regulation Changes in 2014

This past spring OSHA updated their safety regulations for electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution. The compliance deadline for most of these new rules as they relate to fall protection is April 1st, 2015. If your workers operate or maintain electrical service and are working at height, they are likely affected by these updates. There are two main fall protectio … read more
Mar 12th 2014

National Safety Apparel NSA Offers Smart Flame-Resistant Clothing

National Safety Apparel (NSA) has been making protective clothing for more than 75 years. They started in Cleveland at a time when steel and particularly wire production was in full swing. NSA was, and is, a family business dedicated to produced high-heat clothing, and as the requirements of industry have changed so have their products. Today NSA serves workers in electrical, oil & gas, thermal … read more
Jan 30th 2013

Arc Flash Protection Sees Improvements, Needs Clarification

Electricians have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country according to OSHA reports. While the wattage in homes is enough to cause serious damage or death, even greater danger occurs when workers are exposed to the major electrical forces involved with municipalities and major factory and industrial work. And while training and experience are often the best ways to avoid injury, there are … read more
Dec 19th 2012

Update Your Arc Flash Fall Protection for Welders and Electricians

There are loads of new arc flash rated fall protection products that have hit the market recently. If you are working with your feet off the ground as an electrician, utility worker, welder, or have some other trade working with high heat or the possibility of arc flash, you owe it to yourself to consider these products. DBI-SALA came out with their Nano-Lok line of lightweig … read more