National Safety Apparel NSA Offers Smart Flame-Resistant Clothing

National Safety Apparel NSA Offers Smart Flame-Resistant Clothing

National Safety Apparel (NSA) has been making protective clothing for more than 75 years. They started in Cleveland at a time when steel and particularly wire production was in full swing. NSA was, and is, a family business dedicated to produced high-heat clothing, and as the requirements of industry have changed so have their products. Today NSA serves workers in electrical, oil & gas, thermal, cut-protective, flame-resistant, FR rainwear, and hi-visibility markets by producing some of the most modern work clothing anywhere.

Products like the NSA Arc 40 ArcGuard RevoLite Hood provides outstanding Haz Cat 4 protection, but at about half the weight of traditional cotton-based arc flash clothing. The type of high-heat or high-risk work that requires this level of protection has historically also meant incredibly hot conditions inside the suit.

NSA has solved this problem with lightweight, low energy-draining fans in their CrossVent line of Arc Guard hoods. These hoods continue to improve. The ArcGuard 100 CrossVent Hood for instance is lighter than ever with the 16 AA batteries that once powered the fans now being replaced with just two 9-volt batteries. The quiet fans on either side of the head serve to reduce heat while also decreasing fogging of the lens shield.

Of course knowing which products to order is not something that is terribly easy. Assessment of an electrical worksite, for instance, often requires a consultation with trained professionals for each area where work is going to be carried out. The clothing required for the specific arc flash dangers to be encountered varies depending on the types of transformers, load, and many other factors.

The good news is that NSA is ready with the highest quality arc flash or flame-resistant clothing no matter what of protection is required by authoritative bodies like the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). If you have questions about Arc Flash Clothing please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-829-9580 or contact us online at

Mar 12th 2014 Justin McCarter

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