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How to Choose a HazMat Suit
Nov 20th 2017

How to Choose a HazMat Suit

When working on jobs in hazardous environments with particles and chemicals, having a hazmat suit is often extremely important. One of the top brands of hazmat suits, Tyvek┬« by DuPont, ensures protection against substances like spray paints, sanding and grinding waste, lubricants, dirt, grime, oil, grease, animal waste, and fertilizers. They are also extremely effective against hazardous partic … read more
Dec 9th 2013

What Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

The average cost to remove asbestos in my neighborhood is between $270 and $540 per hour. The contractors will spend their expensive time setting up a containment area, removing the asbestos pipes or insulation material, and paying for proper specialized disposal. Professional inspections also need be conducted before and after the remediation to show there is no more particulate matter floatin … read more
Oct 24th 2012

Breaking Bad Never Felt So Good

Sure Breaking Bad is a dark, gritty, sometimes creepy TV show. But if you are looking for some pretty excellent Halloween costumes on the fly, you can order just about their entire protective clothing and respirator wardrobe from PK Safety. This excellent picture comes from one of our customers. The slightly used RV is photo-shopped into the picture, and is unfortunately not available on our … read more