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Breaking Bad Never Felt So Good

Posted by PK Safety Team on Oct 24th 2012

Sure Breaking Bad is a dark, gritty, sometimes creepy TV show. But if you are looking for some pretty excellent Halloween costumes on the fly, you can order just about their entire protective clothing and respirator wardrobe from PK Safety. This excellent picture comes from one of our customers. The slightly used RV is photo-shopped into the picture, and is unfortunately not available on our site.

Customer Photo of Breaking Bad TV Show Halloween Costume

We love it when people send us pictures of our products in use. Even if these Tyvek Suits are only going to be used to protect against the occasionally spilled punch, they should, with light use, be good later on when a real project arrives. Clearly this will depend upon how wild the party is.

If you like this Halloween idea but are still looking for others, check out our earlier blog post for some other Great Ideas for Adult Halloween Costumes. OK, maybe "Great Ideas" is a little strong for that list, but still, it may provide a little food for thought.

And if you want the most authentic Breaking Bad costume ever, we've got you covered (so to speak). Need a   Gas Detector? We'll send it right out. Want some heavy-duty Tychem Chemical Spill Clean-Up Suits? We can set you up. And of course you want your Full-Face Respirator Mask with the appropriate 3M Acid Gas Cartridges. Hey, these things are surprisingly comfortable!

Whatever you do on Halloween, stay safe and party on!