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Apr 25th 2012

Common Air Contaminants In Your Home

While many people will wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, not many folks wear respirators around the house to protect themselves from the formaldehyde found in so many household products. Sure, we are a safety company and we'd love to see a respirator on every face and in every home. But in this case, you might be better protected with information. For instance, did … read more
Apr 23rd 2012

Get The Lead Out - Shooters at Indoor Ranges Need Respirators

The vast majority of people who enjoy shooting guns at indoor ranges are very conscious of safety. They wear hearing protection for their ears, and eye protection for their eyes. But very few wear respirators to protect their lungs from the lead dust that is nearly always present. Most shooters who frequent indoor ranges are aware of the potential for lead poisoning, but don't worry much a … read more
Mar 28th 2012

What's the Best Mask for Sanding?

There is an old saying when in comes to safety that "the best mask is one you'll wear". And we agree. However, if there are a couple of masks comfortable enough to keep on while you work, then you've got some choices to make. For simple wood sanding, some folks recommend the old standard 3M 8210 particulate respirator. Lots of people would call this style a dust mask. Others wou … read more
Mar 5th 2012

Setting Plastic on Fire and Choosing the Right Respirator

This weekend was kind of a nightmare. After getting rear-ended on my way home from work, I decided to make myself a much-deserved cup of tea—except instead of turning on the burner below my pot of lukewarm water, I accidentally flipped the one to the right.* After only about thirty seconds my husband and I noticed smoke coming from the kitchen.  Peter hopped off the couch, ran into the kit … read more
Jan 25th 2012

The Dangers of Formaldehyde Exposure for Workers

Chances are all of us have some level of exposure to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is inexpensive to produce and has a wide range of uses from building materials such as paint or the glue used to bind plywood, particle board and paneling to the Brazilian Blowout, a hair-straitening product found to contain startlingly high concentrations of this dangerous compound. For those who wo … read more
Jan 9th 2012

10% Off Our New Moldex Airwave Dust Masks

The Airwave disposable respirator by Moldex is one of those exceptional and delightful instances when a change is an actual breakthrough, like the first jet aircraft or nuclear submarine. In the world of disposable respirators, the Airwave is at that level of world-changing event. Not only does it promise greater breathability than a valve respirator, it is also much cheaper and … read more
Nov 16th 2011

A Confined Space Ventilation Primer

Confined spaces can be a pain to ventilate, and every location you work in will be a little different. As a result, it can be difficult to find your bearings when you're first starting out. We're well aware of this, so we've put together this basic guide to help you complete your first ventilation jobs safely. 1. What are we up against? Start every job this way: Assess the safety of your … read more
Oct 10th 2011

Respiratory Mask for Mold: Protection from Mold Spores

A common inquiry from customers concerns protection from mold exposure, particularly when trying to clean up or get rid of mold. Our focus will be on choosing respirator and filters. First, we should probably say that there are a couple of considerations. Some people are simply more sensitive to mold than others and even small exposures will make them ill. Second, not all mold is created … read more
Sep 26th 2011

Why Don't Employers Give Workers the Best Respiratory Protection?

"Why don't employers give their workers the best respiratory protection?" This is a question that we run into all the time. It basically comes down to two issues: fit testing and cost. Fit Testing Many employers believe that if they are not offering an approved mask to their workers, they don’t need to worry about fit testing. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Since the only way t … read more
Sep 13th 2011

A Respirator Mask to Protect You From Bleach and Mold

In this post we will look at a customer who was working with bleach and mold. This customer will need a respirator mask and filters to protect against both. We will look at what combinations do that: I am looking for a respirator and respirator cartridges to protect me while I apply a bleach solution to my entire attic to kill mold. What would be the correct combination of mask … read more
Aug 9th 2011

How to Safety Apply Urethane Paint

When working with dangerous chemicals, it is extremely important to have the right safety equipment. Many chemical products are available that have hidden problems. Here is a question I recently got from a customer working with dangerous vapors: What Paint Respirator should I use when spraying Urethane Paint? The information sheet I received about it says to use a NIOSH-approved ac … read more
Jun 10th 2011

Respirator Protection from Lead and Paint Fumes

The variety of jobs and tasks our customers set out to do continually amazes me. Here is a query from a recent customer about his task: In an upcoming job I will be melting lead and spraying acrylic and lacquer based paints. What mask and filters do you recommend to protect me from the fumes associated with these tasks? How does sizing on the masks work? For the lead fumes I … read more