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Which Tripod is best for Confined Space Entry?
Feb 18th 2016

Which Tripod is best for Confined Space Entry?

There are so many answers to that simple question. One answer might be the cheapest, but that one likely won't be the safest. Far from it. And if you happen to have the pleasure of entertaining an OSHA inspector on your jobsite, it certainly won't end up being inexpensive in the long run. Completing your work without someone getting injured should always be a priority. No job is worth hav … read more
May 15th 2015

Which Fall Protection Harness is the Most Comfortable?

The old saying that you get what you pay for is especially true when we are talking about the most comfortable work harnesses. While there are hundreds of harnesses on the market that meet OSHA and ANSI standards, most of them fail to meet basic standards of comfort. For instance, the most economical fall protection harness we carry at is the Protecta AB17510. It's … read more
Feb 25th 2015

What's The Best Confined Space Entry Tripod?

There are plenty of companies out there who only do the occasional confined space entry. Their definition of the best tripod will likely be very different from a company, utility, or facility that uses their tripod on a daily or weekly basis. For the first type of buyer, they likely just want something that meets OSHA requirements. They want something they know is going to be safe, and they are … read more
Jan 30th 2012

15% Off Protecta's Roofer Fall Protection Kit

PK is excited to offer a 15% discount on the Roofer’s Fall Protection Kit by Protecta. Simply enter the coupon code ROOFER15 at checkout before March 6, 2012 and insure that you will have everything needed for a safe roofing adventure! Beyond the obvious health risks of working outside code, OSHA regulations for roofing are numerous and the penalties for violation are costly. Un … read more
Nov 8th 2011

Recall Alert: Protecta Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Capital Safety is recalling a series of Protecta Y-shaped lanyards produced between July 2010 and October 31, 2011. The snap hook attached to the back D-ring on these models has a flaw that could potentially cause it to fail and separate from the D-ring. Though no injuries resulting from the problem have been reported, we strongly suggest discontinuing use of all affected products and returning … read more
Nov 8th 2010

What is a Self-Retracting Lifeline?

Over the years we have had a lot of questions about fall protection. It can have disastrous consequences if you don't have the right type. That being said, fall protection, in general, has been getting better and better. Here is a common discussion I have regarding SRL's. What is an SRL? While some people believe SRL stands for Self-Retracting Lanyard, it really is an abbreviation for Sel … read more