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Nov 14th 2011

LED Traffic Safety Road Flares

A while back, my car broke down as I was driving through tule fog in California's San Joaquin Valley. As I sat on the shoulder waiting for help, I wondered if the huge 18-wheelers on the freeway - let alone the tow truck I had called - would be able to see me. Not a good place to be! So after I straightened things out and got home, I looked into getting some signal lights for my car. … read more
Nov 7th 2011

BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme H2S Monitor

When you're only worried about hydrogen sulfide exposure, bulky monitors with multiple filters and functions just get in the way. That's why experienced workers depend on BW Clip Extreme H2S Monitor every single day: it keeps things simple. Indeed, it's hard to find a simpler H2S detector. You turn the Gas Alert on once, and it stays on for the for the entire span of its two … read more