LED Traffic Safety Road Flares

LED Traffic Safety Road Flares

A while back, my car broke down as I was driving through tule fog in California's San Joaquin Valley. As I sat on the shoulder waiting for help, I wondered if the huge 18-wheelers on the freeway - let alone the tow truck I had called - would be able to see me. Not a good place to be! So after I straightened things out and got home, I looked into getting some signal lights for my car.

I had a few big musts. The lights had to be super dependable, easy to mount on my trunk, and tough as heck. Since I'm a FlareAlert fan, I started by looking at their stuff. Another company, Aervoe also had a quality option, the Aervoe Rechargeable Super LED Road Flare but at a slightly higher cost. Both products have cars in mind. Both products look good for two reasons: they're red lights with a magnetic backing, which means you can stick them on the tail of your car. Cool in theory, but I needed to see how they performed.

A deeper look didn’t disappoint. The Emergency Beacons [we no longer offer this item] have two lighting modes, flashing and steady lighting, so they're great for roadside signalling. They’re also sealed, so they won’t give out in bad weather. In fact, they’ll continue working even if a car runs them over, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them! Aervoe also has a kit with six flares in a charging case.

Either type of flare is affordable, especially when compared with not being seen on the side of the road. For more information about non-flammable road flares and other traffic safety devices, please visit us online at or give us a ring at 1-800-829-9580.

Nov 14th 2011 Rick

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