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Cold Weather is Coming! Be Prepared!
Oct 27th 2014

Cold Weather is Coming! Be Prepared!

Whatever your take on Global Warming, we're pretty sure the rain is still going to fall. Snow even. Let's face it, the end of the world might take a while. If you've been hoping global events would make buying new rain and cold weather gear for your workers unnecessary, you might want to reconsider. Fast. If you're already experiencing wet weather, you probably don't live in California … read more
Nov 30th 2011

Ninjas that Fight Ice: The Best Gloves for Handling Icy Water

In cold weather fishing, the hands are the first body part to suffer, and boy do they suffer. Last time I was in Northern Ontario, spring was late and by the end of the trip, my hands looked like raw hamburger. I’d have walked across Canada for a pair of Ninja Ice gloves by MCR Safety. The company makes two different models of nitrile-coated thermal-insulated gloves and both ar … read more