Cold Weather is Coming! Be Prepared!

Cold Weather is Coming! Be Prepared!

Whatever your take on Global Warming, we're pretty sure the rain is still going to fall. Snow even. Let's face it, the end of the world might take a while. If you've been hoping global events would make buying new rain and cold weather gear for your workers unnecessary, you might want to reconsider. Fast.

If you're already experiencing wet weather, you probably don't live in California. You also probably already know if the gear from last year is still holding up. If you picked up PIP Hooded Long Raincoats last season, you probably are just reading this blog post because you love safety. Those coats shed water like rain off a duck's back.

If you do find yourself in the market for rain or cold weather gear, we've got options in at a couple of different price points. In the mid-range, we've got an excellent Hi-Vis, polyester 2-piece rain suit from PIP that meets Class 3 reflective suit requirements. They even look cool. If you're looking to save money, the Onguard Economy Three Piece Rain Suit is as effective and economical as it is silly looking (yes, that's me in the product pictures). This rain PPE is priced well, but we are limited to stock on hand, so hurry while supplies last. And in all fairness, it's not a beauty contest and those Onguard suits work great.

Cold weather is definitely coming as well. I'm paraphrasing Game of Thrones here, of course. But the theme is the same - prepare in advance and you won't be out in the cold without your Towa PowerGrip Insulated Orange Gloves. Trust me, these babies come in handy when the temperature dips down in the teens. Or you can go old school ice fisherman style and go with the MCR Ninja Ice Gloves. They also feature thermal protection and have nitrile-dipped palm and fingers for excellent grip characteristics.

Another excellent way to keep warm is the PIP 3-Layer Helmet Liner. This is the kind of inexpensive winter protection that makes a big difference. It's got a hook and loop closure (what we used to call Velcro) around the neck and fits under your hard hat or helmet. This polyester, foam, and fleece liner makes a big difference in your core body temperature when the mercury has withdrawn into its little ball at the bottom of the thermometer. One-layer fleece hoods with face muffs are also available from PIP and provide very good protection without impairing vision or movement.

If you have questions about protection from the cold, call our customer service reps at 1-800-829-9580 for some friendly conversation and good advice where winter protection is concerned.

Oct 27th 2014 Justin McCarter

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