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Nov 19th 2014

A Brief History of Gas Detection

It's always tough to be the new guy on the crew. But it used to be far worse. As fuel requirements started soaring during the industrial revolution, exposure to dangerous methane gas increased. Since it's odorless, the standard operating procedure was to send the new guy down with a lit torch and a wet blanket draped over them. Small pockets would ignite, and big pockets would necessitate a … read more
Feb 4th 2013

Solutions for Landfill Gas Monitoring

Every civilization has had to find a way to organize their waste materials. The most common method has historically been burial of the waste. According to Wikipedia (completely reliable, as we all know) the Mayans had dumps that exploded occasionally and burned. Landfills, depending upon the items being buried, still have the same dangers today and must be monitored closely to maintain safety f … read more