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Nov 30th 2011

Ninjas that Fight Ice: The Best Gloves for Handling Icy Water

In cold weather fishing, the hands are the first body part to suffer, and boy do they suffer. Last time I was in Northern Ontario, spring was late and by the end of the trip, my hands looked like raw hamburger. I’d have walked across Canada for a pair of Ninja Ice gloves by MCR Safety. The company makes two different models of nitrile-coated thermal-insulated gloves and both ar … read more
Aug 25th 2011

Memphis 9378T Cut and Heat Resistant Kevlar Knit Sleeves

When we think about safety gloves, our minds tend to drift to an image of heavy-duty, drab material that although they do protect your hands, they don’t always allow you to really handle the finer things in life. The idea of having an arm and hand protector made for easily maneuvering your hands and fingers sounds almost too good to be true. Lucky for us, MCR Safety has created just the thing! … read more