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Bomb Cyclone: Put Your Cold Weather Protection On
Jan 12th 2018

Bomb Cyclone: Put Your Cold Weather Protection On

The coldest time of the year is upon us. 2018 started with a massive winter storm on the East Coast followed by brutally cold conditions. Wind chill warnings were issued in most of the East Coast states. Wind chill is based on the rate of heat loss from the exposed skin caused by wind and cold. As wind increases, it draws heat from the body and drives down internal body temperature. F … read more
How to Get Your Eyes Protected at Work
Dec 12th 2016

How to Get Your Eyes Protected at Work

Eye injuries are very common in a workplace. How do you protect your eyes? By wearing glasses, goggles, and face shields, depending on the type of work you are doing. Eyewear is important for safety because, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three out of five accidents at work happened when the PPE was not worn at all or when the workers were wearing the wrong type of protection for … read more
Sep 9th 2014

Lead Dust Protective Gear for Fishermen Melting Lead

There are many types of fishermen out there. You've got your novice line-tanglers, commercial long liners, bass addicts, deep sea cigarette smokers, ticklers, ice fishermen, bow and arrow types. And while many folks like to fish, there are some anglers who operate further out in the deep end. I'm talking specifically about that special, dedicated breed of fisherman who make their own lead weigh … read more
Aug 5th 2014

Ebola Personal Protective Equipment Information

Fear of Ebola is spreading much faster than the actual virus. We've been inundated with questions over the past week about protective clothing. And since the internet is filled with the opinions of Preppers and armchair physicians weighing in on the decision to transport American aid workers infected with Ebola to an Atlanta hospital, we decided we'd weigh in with our more informed recommend … read more
Dec 4th 2013

What You Need to Know About Safety Eyewear in Winter

As temperatures drop around the country, effective safety eyewear is more important than ever. Here are a few tips for choosing the right eye protection for cold environments. Anti-fog coatings are most effective when they are permanently bonded to the lens. These advanced coatings supply the longest lasting clear views. Having your eyes protected isn't much good if you can't see w … read more
Aug 29th 2013

What is the Best Asbestos Respirator?

People often ask us about asbestos-rated respirators. Everyone knows airborne asbestos, even in small quantities, is scary stuff. It can be very damaging to the lungs and is known to cause cancer. If you have work where you suspect or know for sure asbestos is present, you need to be extremely vigilant about using the proper safety equipment and making sure it is working perfectly. … read more
Aug 7th 2013

The Three Most Important Mold Cleanup Safety Precautions

Mold doesn't need much to get started. Supplied with a little moisture and some warmth it's very hard to completely eradicate once it gets started. In situations where there are large areas of mold, or when flooding or plumbing problems have occurred, it's important to follow recommended safety procedures while completing your work. There are a few basic precautions everyone workin … read more
Sep 24th 2012

Grown Up Halloween Costume Ideas from PK Safety

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: The PK Safety Halloween Costume List for Grown-Ups! With a little imagination, there are lots of costumes that can be put together using the products we sell on Hopefully this list will help give you some great ideas for your next Halloween party. You'll find some of these ideas are better than others, and a few are just … read more
Jul 16th 2012

Hoarders TV Show Doesn't Provide Good Protective Clothing Cues

There are lots of things you'll see on TV that you should stay away from personally. A recent re-run that made us shake our collective heads was the lung protection worn by folks who should know better in some truly frightening homes shown on the A&E show Hoarders. Let us say for the record that if legions of rats (or cats) are using your home as a restroom, or if you go into a … read more
Mar 7th 2012

Boatyard Protective Gear

The first in a two-part series on boatyard DIY protective equipment: The PK Safety offices are located near a boat repair facility in Alameda California. Each day we see boat owners and crew members working on their boats wearing substandard protective equipment. Sail or power, boat projects often involve coming into contact with some of the most toxic chemical and paint products on the m … read more
Mar 11th 2011

Hard Working Respirators for Rugged Work Sites

One question I am constantly getting is which filter and mask to use in a particular application. The answer to this depends highly on what the context is, but this specific question has a lot of common things you might want to protect yourself against with a mask and filters: I’m working in a building doing demo work. I am knocking down block walls, working with fiberglass and there is a … read more