Grown Up Halloween Costume Ideas from PK Safety

Grown Up Halloween Costume Ideas from PK Safety

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: The PK Safety Halloween Costume List for Grown-Ups!

With a little imagination, there are lots of costumes that can be put together using the products we sell on Hopefully this list will help give you some great ideas for your next Halloween party. You'll find some of these ideas are better than others, and a few are just plain terrible. Just remember one big advantage - we deliver!

In no particular order:

Crossing Guard - This is going to be more fun than you think. With a simple reflective vest, a stop sign and maybe a whistle you can effectively stop any pedestrians or conversations you like. You are in charge. Authoritative halt gesture not included.

Breaking Bad - This is a good look. Highly waterproof in the case of a rainy Halloween or beer spillage. The Tychem Suits will come in handy if you have some serious clean-up around the garage later on. See our blog on Meth Lab gas detectors to get an idea of the finished look. A super useful and comfortable 3M Half Face Respirator Mask with a Multi Gas Cartridge will take care of your Meth Doc look at the party, and you can use it for any smelly or dusty jobs around your house or boat later on. Remember to put the cartridges in a zip-lock bag once you are done wearing them. Illegal meth lab not included.

Village People - The Construction Worker, not the Indian. Here's a link if you don't know who the Village People were because you were born after 1985. This is a good look if you are looking for a good time or are going someplace warm. And Macho Man and YMCA are classics!  Hard Hat. Mesh Vest. Muscles and mirrored sunglasses not included.

Ryu Street Fighter - Here's a Ryu link for those of you born before 1985 or who didn't play the original Street Fighter video game. These Tool Handz are the real deal. Hiyyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Tattered white karate gi, red hachimaki (headband), and being able to kick as high as your head not included.

Avian Flu Survivor - If you are in a pinch, grab a dust mask, cough a few times, and drape a rubber chicken over your shoulder. You are ready to party.

First Responder (aka the Bio-hazard Guy) - Liberal use of the Caution Barricade Tape and a sturdy Tyvek Suit will leave no doubt what you are all about. You could also be the Chernobyl (Fukushima?) Clean Up Crew. Just add glowsticks under the suit for the proper effect. Nuclear waste not included.

Axe Murderer - The Capstone Goggles and Face Shield Combo from Pyramex offers great face and eye protection while making you look like a demented axe murderer. A note of caution, don't take a real sharp axe to the party with you. It's just a bad idea from the get-go.

French Guy - This might be the worst costume we thought of. But if you need something quick, and you have a stale baguette in the kitchen, just tie this Cooling Wrap around your neck, put an ironic look on your face, and you are in business.

Deadliest Catch - The tough part is definitely going to be finding a big plastic crab. A live crab or a freshly dead crab is going to work out poorly over the course of the evening in our opinion. The easy part of this costume is the super functional, good-for-a-million-dirty-jobs Onguard Hazmax EZ-Fit Safety Boots. Ninja Ice Gloves complete the look. Cigarettes and beer gut not included.

Yes, that's the end of our list. For now!

Take your personal protective equipment to the streets, the bars, the neighbor's backyard. Be safe and have fun.

Sep 24th 2012 Justin McCarter

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