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Jul 18th 2012

Breaking Bad Shows Need for Gas Monitor Technology

This won't come as a big shock to anyone - meth labs are toxic. Really toxic. Firefighters, police, and other first responders can't just walk blindly into areas that may potentially contain phosphine and ammonia gas. Wouldn't be prudent. The AMC original series Breaking Bad explores the seedy, dangerous world of methamphetamine production and distribution. In graphic detail, it sh … read more
Jun 13th 2012

The Perfect Gas Detector for HVAC, Home or RV

Folks have asked us for years about a gas detector that is suitable for HVAC installers, or even for home and RV use. Since most of the gas monitors we carry at PK are designed for industrial applications, we did our research and found what we think is the best inexpensive gas monitor on the market - the BOLO Combustible Gas Sniffer from Nova Systems. The BOLO gas detector is easy to u … read more
Nov 7th 2011

BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme H2S Monitor

When you're only worried about hydrogen sulfide exposure, bulky monitors with multiple filters and functions just get in the way. That's why experienced workers depend on BW Clip Extreme H2S Monitor every single day: it keeps things simple. Indeed, it's hard to find a simpler H2S detector. You turn the Gas Alert on once, and it stays on for the for the entire span of its two … read more
Aug 1st 2011

Comparing Confined Space 4-Gas Monitors

When considering work in confined spaces or around dangerous gases, it is important to have gas detectors present so that dangerous levels of gases can be detected. This helps you make informed decisions about whether to start work, and in the event of a problem, providing time for workers to get to safety. With so many choices in gas detection, it may be difficult to choose the right unit for … read more