The Perfect Gas Detector for HVAC, Home or RV

The Perfect Gas Detector for HVAC, Home or RV

Folks have asked us for years about a gas detector that is suitable for HVAC installers, or even for home and RV use. Since most of the gas monitors we carry at PK are designed for industrial applications, we did our research and found what we think is the best inexpensive gas monitor on the market - the BOLO Combustible Gas Sniffer from Nova Systems.

The BOLO gas detector is easy to use. It has an audible clicking sound kind of like an old Geiger counter. The clicks get closer together as you near the source of the leak. It makes it easy to pinpoint the the gas leak location, and shut it down.

The BOLO gas detector also comes with a handy earphone that makes it easy to hear the monitor clicks even if you are working in a noisy area.

Since we know everyone has too many tools to carry around, we thought it was important a great home or HVAC gas monitor be small enough to fit in any tool box. The BOLO folds out into a gas detecting wand that will fit in all sorts of spaces. When you are finished, simply fold it up and put it in your tool box, or your pocket. It also comes with a handy belt carrier if you'll be using it on and off all day long.

The BOLO gas detector is able to find Natural Gas, Propane, Hydrogen, and Butane, making it ideal for a variety of jobs and situations.

Nova Systems also makes BOLO BLU which detects refrigerant leaks and the BOLO GRN to find dry cleaning fluid (PERC) leaks.

If you have more questions about the BOLO Gas Sniffers from Nova Systems, please call us at 800-829-9580 or visit us online at

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Jun 13th 2012 Justin McCarter

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