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Nov 7th 2012

Supplied Air Respirators are Great for Auto Repair and Painting

One of the big dangers if you are an auto refinisher are the isocyanates that are present in many of the paints used on vehicles. Isocyanates are a serious health hazard for those working in the automobile industry or doing autobody repair. Others who work grinding metals or with hazardous particles in their air space also find traditional filters or cartridges simply don't work (as with isocya … read more
How Can You Protect Yourself From Welding Fumes?
Sep 12th 2012

How Can You Protect Yourself From Welding Fumes?

Welders understand that the fumes and gases produced from their work can lead to serious illness. The danger and amount of exposure to the welders depend on the type of work being done, the rod, filler metals, base metals, coatings, contaminants, as well as the amount of ventilation and respiration protection. We simply don't know everything there is to know about protecting workers … read more
Feb 16th 2011

The Right Respirator Mask for Sensitive Skin

Finding the right filters for your job can be challenging, especially for those who are more sensitive. Take, for example, this question I recently received: I do house cleaning and car detailing for a living. I work with mostly alkaline degreasers, cleaner waxes and petroleum distillates. I currently use the 6000 half face piece mask and the 6001 organic filter cartridge. Although I chan … read more
Nov 30th 2010

How Long Does My 3M 2091 Filter Last?

When using a 3M 2091 Particulate Filter in the field, it is important to change it frequently enough to ensure that you are still getting the necessary protection. I receive many questions asking about the lifetime of these filters. Here is one of the more recent questions: I know it depends on usage and environment, but are the 2091 particulate filters designed to be used and then sto … read more
Mar 4th 2009

E6000 Glue Respirator Question

We get questions from users about the use of safety equipment in real world situations all the time. One of the things I’d like to do from time to time is share some of the answers for those of you in similar circumstances. Also, please note that we encourage this type of inquiry. Just so you know, names or details about you will never be used in a blog post. Here is the question… I would … read more