Supplied Air Respirators are Great for Auto Repair and Painting

Supplied Air Respirators are Great for Auto Repair and Painting

One of the big dangers if you are an auto refinisher are the isocyanates that are present in many of the paints used on vehicles. Isocyanates are a serious health hazard for those working in the automobile industry or doing autobody repair. Others who work grinding metals or with hazardous particles in their air space also find traditional filters or cartridges simply don't work (as with isocyanates) or are not a match for the atmospheres they work in. These situations are ideal for supplied air respirators (SARs).

A SAR system is pretty straight-forward. The air pump supplies the clean breathing air, the hose delivers the air to the mask, and the mask assembly keeps the good air around your face while allowing you a wide, clear view of your work.

The beauty of the SAR system is that you can work around dangerous fumes or airborne particles, and still breathe the nice, fresh air from outside, or wherever you have properly set up your air pump. The loose-fitting hoods are light-weight, low-maintenance (most are equipped with disposable visor covers), and offer a wide field-of-vision. Users also say the cool outside air helps to keep their body temperatures down while they are working. Especially during the summer.

Another advantage of a supplied air system is that workers don't need a fit test to use the hood model—and can even have a beard and wear eyeglasses. The Allegro 9821 A-750 Ambient Air Pump is the rotary vane pump which brings clean, uncontaminated air to workers operating in contaminated areas. A SAR system can only do this if it the pump is positioned in an area with clean air. .

The A-750 pump shown in the photo above can be used with two Allegro Constant Flow Airline Respirators or one Airline Hood Assembly.

The Allegro Economy Supplied Air Face Shield with Low Pressure Adapter pictured above provides full face protection in a hazardous (but not IDLH) atmosphere at a reasonable cost. This face shield also has peel-off lens protectors available (Allegro 9903-25).

If you have any questions about SARs or respirators in general, please give us a call or contact us online. We are happy to explain these systems and help figure out which air filtration, purification, or supply system is best for your specific work environment.

Nov 7th 2012 Justin McCarter

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