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Jan 5th 2015

Full and Half-Face Respirator Mask from Moldex

Ebola was exciting wasn't it? I'm not talking about the terrible disease that some African countries are still struggling with. I'm talking about those amazing news reports getting everybody all whipped up. While we talked about basic precautions against the more likely scenarios, we are not the largest news agency in the world (shocking, I know). Now we are overstocked on some of our best r … read more
Jan 5th 2011

Airline Respirators for Urethane Painting and Avoiding Exposure to Isocyanates

I wanted to follow up on my recent post on isocyanates, in which I recommended an airline respirator, and discuss airline respirators in a little more detail. What is an airline respirator? Type C Supplied Air Respirators, more commonly referred to as air-line respirators, are designed to provide long-duration respiratory protection that is independent of the ambient air in t … read more