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Oct 23rd 2013

How to Calibrate your BW Honeywell Gas Monitor

Calibration is very important for a gas monitor. It reestablishes a base line accuracy for the sensors, both electro-chemical and LEL catalytic bead. In order to perform as they were designed, gas monitors need to periodically be readjusted in the same way a guitar string needs tuning. Calibration of your gas monitors isn't difficult or time consuming (unless you have several hundred monitors, … read more
Jan 9th 2013

Draeger: Rich History, Unmatched Innovation

Back in 1889, the same year the Eiffel Tower became the tallest structure on earth and Montana was admitted into the Union, Germans J. Heinrich Dräger and Carl Adolf Gerling founded a company that today employs over 10,000 people and has perhaps saved the lives of even more. Few companies in the safety industry are steeped with the history and reputation as the German-based Draeger (or, Dräger, … read more