Draeger Pac 7000 Single-Gas Monitors

Draeger Pac 7000 Single-Gas Monitors

So many single-gas monitors are disposable these days. But not all of them. People buy disposable monitors for a range of reasons. Their workers lose them, or they want a fixed, measurable cost on their books. Some folks just want the cheapest monitor available so they are in compliance with OSHA regulations. But not every company falls into these categories. For companies who are serious about gas detection, the Draeger Pac 7000 single-gas monitors make perfect sense.

Financially the Draeger Pac 7000 monitors really add up. Especially over the long haul. They are the opposite of a two- or three-year fixed life monitor. The Pac 7000 is designed to last. Easily replaceable battery and sensor allow the monitor to continue providing gas detection information far into the future. And those batteries and sensors aren't replaced often. The sensor has a two-year warranty, but in practice it often lasts two or three times that long.

And while disposable monitors are less expensive in the short run, they also lack the functionality of the Draeger Pac 7000 monitors. In addition to having no fixed lifespan, the Pac 7000 has a feature that's important for companies that are really interested in knowing what is happening with the atmosphere in their work areas - constant readout of gas concentrations. The most popular disposable monitors only display the time remaining on the unit and give no information about the fluctuation of gas levels.

Because these gas monitors are made to be lifetime monitors, they are built to last. The housing is concussion- and shock-resistant as well as being dust- and water-proof in accordance with IP 65 standards.

Data logging information is quickly available though an infrared connection to a PC. The operator will need a Draeger Communication Module. The communication cradle features PacVision software which allows the user to adjust the alarm settings on all Pac series single gas monitors as well as access the significant events data.

The Pac 7000 gas monitors come with a 2-year warranty on their sensors. If a longer warranty is needed, Draeger offers extended 5-year warranties at a minimal price increase. Pac 7000 monitors are available for a range of gases including Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Chlorine Gas (Cl2), Phosphine (PH3), and many others.

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Mar 3rd 2014 Justin McCarter

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