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Sep 9th 2013

Getting the Right H2S Monitor for Your Site

BW Honeywell makes the most popular single-gas hydrogen sulfide monitor on the planet by a wide margin. The BW Clip H2S Monitor is an inexpensive, durable, reliable personal gas detector, and it's used on oil rigs and petrochemical plants across the country. But some sites require more than just low- and high-level alarms. That's where a monitor like the GasAlert Extreme and the GasAlert Cli … read more
Jan 18th 2012

How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Gas Detector?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would like your gas detectors calibrated before each use. A full calibration for a 4-gas monitor requires about $6.60 worth of calibration gas, and takes about 5 minutes. This should be all the answer anyone needs, but in practice if your company has 500 monitors, it isn’t always practical and OSHA and ANSI know it. In text a … read more