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Feb 13th 2012

15% Off Aervoe Collapsible Safety Cones

PK is excited to offer 15% off Aervoe collapsible safety cones with LED beacons until March 12, 2012. Just enter the coupon code CONE15 at checkout for instant savings. From a young age, we in the good old US of A are conditioned to think “Caution!” when we see a big orange cone. So important is this knowledge that the Federal Highway Commission published a key book of rules called the  … read more
Dec 12th 2011

10% Off Aervoe Super LED Lights

Traditional incendiary flares look like big fireworks and give off lots of sparks and smoke. Perhaps you played with some as a kid. I know I did, and I have the scars to prove it! PK Safety is happy to announce that we have begun carrying the new Aervoe Super LED road flare. This Aervoe uses extremely bright LED lights rather than an incendiary charge, so chances of being burned are gon … read more