RKI Instruments Confined Space Gas Monitors

RKI Instruments Confined Space Gas Monitors

RKI Instruments isn't a sexy company. They don't spend their money on fancy marketing handouts or ad campaigns, and they often name their instruments after the year they were launched. So why do so many companies prefer RKI gas detectors to all others? Maybe it's because their products flat-out work, and continue to work (properly cared for) for years and years.

RKI Instruments has been in business for 20 years and produces some of the most sophisticated gas monitoring devices on the market. While many manufacturers have launched themselves into the disposable monitor sector, RKI takes the longer view with their devices. Their philosophy is, properly cared for, your RKI instrument should be built to last for as long as you are.

The RKI GX-2009 is typical of this focus on quality. While this 4-gas confined space diffusion monitor is about the size of a pack of cards, it displays real time concentration readings of your standard gases (H2S, CO, O2, and LEL) and is tough as nails. Single gas monitors are also likely to be very compact and reliable. The 01 Series Single Gas Instruments from RKI feature a constant readout of gas concentrations on the screen and the signature reliability of RKI as another great selling point.

More powerful and exotic monitors like the RKI Eagle 2 can detect up to 6 gases and feature a PID sensor for detecting either high or low ppm levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It's not named after the year it was introduced, which is unusual. But these heavy duty detectors are used by many cities and government agencies as well as large companies with sophisticated gas detection needs. Is it streamlined or fancy? No. Does it work incredibly well? Can it pull samples from up to 125 ft. away? Is it made in the US? To all of these question - Yes.

So while RKI isn't the largest manufacturer in the world, the fact that most companies that use RKI instruments stick with them speaks not only to the reliability of their monitors, but also to the following they have developed in the sectors of the gas detection market that matter most. Maybe it's time you try one of these tough, simple units and find out what all the lack of fuss is about.

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