Product Review: Capital Safety's Advanced 5-Piece Hoist Davit System

Product Review: Capital Safety's Advanced 5-Piece Hoist Davit System

Tripod systems are the norm in confined space entry and retrieval. They're excellent tools, but they don't work in every situation. Thankfully, Capital Safety's Advanced 5-Piece Hoist Davit System is an alternative that can take you where standard tripods can't.

The tripod's archenemy is the square entry hatch. Regular tripods won't fit over them, so you've got to call for a bigger tripod if you encounter one in the field. However, this doesn't apply to Capital Safety's davit, which is like a miniature crane. You can assemble the 5-Piece Hoist Davit System at the edge of almost any entryway, load it up on solid ground, and then swing the crane arm over the hole.

That illustrates the system's major perk: its adjustable offset mast, or crane arm. Whether you're sending hundreds of pounds of equipment into a confined space or pulling something out, it saves heaps of time and effort to load and unload on solid ground rather than from above an entryway.

The system's quick and tool-less assembly will also save you headaches. Its feathery aluminum components snap together with detent pins and its legs can be micro-adjusted by hand for stability on uneven surfaces.

While more expensive than some tripod systems, the Advanced 5 Piece Hoist System is much more versatile. This explains why it has proven so popular with public utility workers and other professionals who deal with double hatch entries on a regular basis. If you're looking for a more flexible entry and retrieval tool, we're confident that it will serve you well too.

Nov 28th 2014 Administrator

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