PK Safety Black Friday Sale

PK Safety Black Friday Sale

It’s the season for savings, and we at PK Safety think that saving money on workplace safety equipment that saves lives is a great idea. For a limited time, we’re having sales on confined space safety equipment, including BW Clip 2 year single gas detectors. Here’s some of the equipment you can save money during Black Friday week with PK Safety.

Single Gas Detectors

Single use gas detectors are a convenient option for ensuring that you can detect important gases reliably in a variety of hazardous environments. BW Clip 2 year monitors are lightweight, easy to handle, and maintenance free. They can run continuously for two years without requiring calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement, or charging. If the monitors need to be put away for a week or longer, you can store them in the BW Clip Hibernation Case to extend its life. For easy, safe, and reliable detection of oxygen, carbon monoxide, or hydrogen sulfide, BW Clip 2 year detectors are the way to go.

Ordering for your whole crew? Want to incorporate custom alarms or calibrations? PK Safety can customize the settings of your monitors and order to your specifications.

Masks and Other Gear

Gases aren’t the only hazard workers face in confined spaces. From getting into the space to clearing it of debris and breathing easier once you’re down there, there’s a lot to consider. As long as you’re saving money on gas detectors, consider picking up some other workplace safety products.

Allegro makes gear perfect for workers and companies that go into manholes. Their Manhole Lid Lifter provides the leverage needed for the heaviest of lids, and the steel hook can lock into the pole for safe storage. They also make a Sludge Dewatering Pump that works with their Discharge Hose for draining not just standing water, but also sand, solids, and leaves out of confined spaces at 50 gallons per minute.

For workers who are breathing more than just gases, PK Safety carries masks and respirators by Moldex that fit a variety of jobs. Alternate Size Particular Respirators offers durable protection from most dust and silica that you can find on a worksite with a comfortable fit. N95 Nuisance O/V respirators can handle nuisance levels of ozone and other organic vapors on top of particulates. They also have a valve to reduce hot-air buildup, which keeps workers cool and reduces fogging in glasses. We also carry Lead Abatement Respirators that offer compliance with all of the EPA Lead-Safe Certification recommendations while being convenient, comfortable, and durable. They also offer protection from welding metal fumes, certain radioactive particulates, and non-oil containing mists.

Deals You Don't Want To Miss

You and your workers can breathe a little easier knowing that everything you need to work in confined spaces is available at PK Safety. For a limited time, take advantage of our biggest gas monitor deal on BW Clip 2 year single gas detectors—they’re $98 each or $95 each when you purchase 20 or more. You can’t put a price on worker safety.

PK safety has been in the safety business for over 70 years. We are a Factory Authorized Service Center for RAE Systems and BW Honeywell gas monitors. When you need repairs or advice, are safety experts can answer your questions about your job site and equipment. To talk to one of our safety experts, get in touch online or by phone at 800.829.9580.

Nov 16th 2018 PK Safety Team

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