Honeywell BW Gas Detection: Icon Series Spotlight

Honeywell BW Gas Detection: Icon Series Spotlight

PK Safety carries BW gas detectors because they’re well-made and trustworthy, but also aim to improve and innovate. We’re excited to carry the latest in their gas detection devices: the BW Icon Series portable multi-gas monitors. 

The  Honeywell BW Icon 4-Gas Detector has a 2-year fixed life, so you won't need to replace sensors or batteries. This 4-gas detector simultaneously monitors oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), combustible gas (LEL) and choice of either carbon monoxide (CO) or sulfur dioxide (SO2). The Honeywell BW Icon+ Multi-Gas Detector is a serviceable four-gas detector enables you to maximize the lifespan of your four-gas detectors, optimize long-term cost of ownership, and select from multiple gas sensors for flexible applications. For loyal customers, these are comparable to the Honeywell BW MicroClip Series but improve on what that monitor already does well. For new and returning customers alike, these features and benefits make the BW Icon Series Gas Detection Monitors a great choice for your worksite’s gas detection applications.


Once you activate your BW gas detectors, you can use them for two years with no required service beyond periodic bump tests and calibration. The Icon Series offers up to two months of continuous runtime on a 4.5-hour charge. You don’t have to charge it daily or even turn off the detector after your shift (although if you do the battery life increases to up to four months). You won’t be faced with unexpected downtime or a failing detector when you need it most.

Icon Display

In a gas emergency, you need to leave the area quickly. True to the name, the BW Icon Series is the first multi-gas detector on the market with an icon display. There are no live gas readings to interpret and no extensive training necessary — all the information you need is in the form of simple icons for gas levels and device status. When a gas alarm goes off, for example, a bell icon illuminates along with an indicator next to the sensor.

Intelligent, Accurate, and Responsive Sensors

Predictive maintenance is easier than ever. The Honeywell BW Icon+ has i-Series intelligent sensors that know how much life remains based on exposure and age and when they need to be calibrated. This lets you take action before an accident happens and prevent unexpected downtime. The i-Series sensors also perform well on the job, responding to dangerous gas levels in seconds regardless of harsh temperatures. These sensors feature the latest in low-power LEL infrared technology that lets them run longer, makes them immune to silicone poisoning, and provides more accurate monitoring of combustible atmospheric hazards.

System and Smartphone Compatibility

Reporting and analysis is even easier thanks to BW Icon Firmware and compatibility with your smartphone. Download the Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator app and use Bluetooth to pair your Icon Series gas monitor with your smartphone. From there, you can see the full concentration of gas and other information that’s not on the display, report gas alarms, and see other data already neatly organized into a report that’s easy to send, saving time and hassle.

Like other BW instruments, the Icon Series can also connect with the  IntelliDoX instrument management system for more productive and efficient bump testing, data downloading, configuration, and calibration. TouchConnect is another wireless configuration option made possible with Bluetooth.

Ease of Use and Management

For users and supervisors alike, the Icon Series is easy to use and manage. Workers will be happy with the small, lightweight wearable model and the one-button operation that makes it easy and unobtrusive to use. For managers and supervisors, IntelliFlash takes the guesswork out of maintenance: a green light means compliance, and an amber light means it needs maintenance.

PK Safety Multi-Gas Detection Monitors

At PK Safety, we’re always looking for the latest in workplace safety equipment. We have decades in the business of keeping workers safe no matter what they do, from stocking the best brands in PPE to answering worksite safety questions. The industry is constantly changing, and you need a company that’s going to stay ahead of the times. For more information, contact one of our safety experts online or call 800.829.9580. 

Mar 31st 2021 PK Safety Team

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