Eco-Friendly Work Gloves from MCR

Eco-Friendly Work Gloves from MCR

More companies are aiming to make environmentally-friendly decisions to minimize the amount of natural resources used in their products and services. While consumers make choices for more sustainable options in their spending habits, manufacturers can also strike a balance with nature while still making quality products.

MCR Safety has been committed to protecting people and the planet. For over 45 years, MCR has manufactured safety workwear and PPE that has kept workers safe, and have been emphasizing more sustainable and more eco-conscious changes. They have three criteria for calling a piece of PPE eco-friendly: materials, packaging, and manufacturing processes.


An MCR product that uses eco-friendly materials in the product itself meets their definition of eco-friendly. This could mean that the product uses either biodegradable or recycled raw materials in its creation, or some combination of the two.

An excellent example of PPE that uses sustainable materials and that PK Safety carries is the MCR Ninja BNF Evolution with Ingenia gloves. These safety gloves have a 15 Gauge Ingenia Shell and NFT Palm and Fingertip Coating: 37% of the shell composition uses renewable ingredients. Compare the Ingenia Shell to nylon, and you’ll see a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 30% reduction in energy production.


Sustainability doesn’t end with the product itself, but the packaging it comes in . MCR’s eco-friendly packaging can consist of recycled polybags, corrugated cardboard, and paper. On top of using recycled materials, manufacturers can also find ways to use fewer materials to reduce paper consumption and carbon footprints.

You’ll see the sustainable packaging yourself when you buy products like the MCR Safety Ninja Lite Work Gloves. The master card, hang tag, carton, and polybags that the gloves are packaged in are all made with recycled, sustainable, or fewer materials. These innovations reduce hundreds of trees of paper consumption, emissions released, and plastic and paper used for packaging each pair of gloves.


MCR Eco-Friendly products won’t do much good for the planet if it is harmful to make them. Using eco-friendly manufacturing processes means creating them in ways that lower or reduce harmful side effects of manufacturing, like energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and water use.

MCR Safety’s NXG Work Gloves are sustainably produced, multi-use gloves that are great for applications that need comfort, gripping power, and dexterity. The processes used for the NXG line of gloves rely more on alternative energy sources like solar power instead of coal, natural gas, and petroleum. All the exhaust gases are monitored, collected, and treated before they’re converted into recyclable heat energy. A premier water filtration and recycling system ensures water is used without polluting or wasting it.

Gloves aren’t the only eco-friendly PPE MCR makes, though. MCR Safety is the first company to offer UV-cured safety glasses while being environmentally sustainable. The UV curing process is shorter than processes that use ambient temperatures, which means instant curing, less electricity, fewer chemicals, and fewer emissions. Memphis MP1 MAX6 and Checklite Anti-Fog Safety Glasses are both excellent options.

Eco-Friendly Worker Safety PPE from PK Safety

PK Safety has believed in protecting workers for decades, and nothing protects workers more than protecting the planet we all live on. We’re proud to carry MCR’s PPE not only because of its reputation in the worker safety industry but also because of their commitment to the environment. If you want more information about our products, brands, or have other safety questions, contact one of our safety experts online or by phone at 800.829.9580.

Sep 14th 2022 PK Safety Team

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