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Guide to Selecting Safety Gloves
Apr 21st 2021

Guide to Selecting Safety Gloves

Your hands are one of your most valuable tools, so picking the right safety gloves for your job is crucial for hand protection. You may feel overwhelmed with all the options out there, so consider these factors to help find the gloves that best fit your needs. Chemicals Chemical hazards come in many forms, which makes the right PPE essential. Whether your hands are spl … read more
The Importance of Impact Protection in Safety Gloves
Aug 5th 2020

The Importance of Impact Protection in Safety Gloves

On the job, as in life, protecting your valuable hands is very important. That’s why many workers wear safety gloves when handling equipment or working in specific industries. However, most gloves do not come with impact protection. This extra layer of material protects your team from falling objects and equipment, as well as the condition known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). If your … read more
What Are the Best Options for Multi-Task Gloves?
Mar 16th 2020

What Are the Best Options for Multi-Task Gloves?

Just as the name implies, multi-task gloves should be designed for multiple applications. These gloves are a crucial part of your business, but you need to make sure you find the right safety workwear for the task at hand. Whether you’re working with slick, messy equipment, trying to stay warm in the cold, or directing traffic late at night, you can find the right multi-task gloves right here at P … read more
Gloves For Oil: What Are the Best Gloves for the Oil and Gas Industry?
Oct 8th 2019

Gloves For Oil: What Are the Best Gloves for the Oil and Gas Industry?

The oil and gas industry can be a dirty business; you and your team will need a set of reliable safety gloves before you get to work. Before you buy just any pair of work gloves, it’s important to choose safety gloves that were designed for your particular industry and the task at hand. Without the proper gear, your employees will be vulnerable to a range of hazards and toxic chemicals. Learn m … read more
Points of Impact
Sep 26th 2017

Points of Impact

By HexArmor Marketing Team. Falling objects. Heavy tools. Zero-visibility environments. These are all everyday dangers posed to the hands of workers. In fact, hand injuries are among the most frequently occurring incidents in industrial labor. With a vast selection of impact-resistant gloves, it’s hard to know which aspects to look for and what qualities are most important. Before making … read more
Infographic: Glove Safety Guide
Jul 5th 2017

Infographic: Glove Safety Guide

By Enviro Tech International It’s often said that if something fits perfectly, it “fits like a glove.” However, workers using hazardous materials understand that not all gloves are created equally. Different gloves provide varying levels of protection against dangerous chemicals. Some gloves are more vulnerable to chemical solvents than others. If you’re in a lab, industrial environment o … read more
What’s New in the World of Safety Gloves: Advanced Cooling AD-APT® Technology from ATG MaxiFlex
Jun 19th 2017

What’s New in the World of Safety Gloves: Advanced Cooling AD-APT® Technology from ATG MaxiFlex

It’s beginning to feel like summer, which adds challenges to those who work outdoors under the sun, or in warm indoor environments. Luckily, there is an amazing advanced AD-APT Technology that will help keep your hands drier and body temperature cooler throughout the work day without sacrificing grip or dexterity. This technology is used in a new version of the popular MaxiFlex® Ultimate saf … read more
Your Skin on Concrete: Irritation, Burns, and Dermatitis
Aug 16th 2016

Your Skin on Concrete: Irritation, Burns, and Dermatitis

Concrete Burn Causes Concrete burns are just that, burns that are caused by skin’s exposure to concrete and other materials that can lead to a chemical reaction. Concrete burns work slowly over hours or days as the concrete hardens. In order for concrete to harden, it has to absorb moisture—cement can draw water away from anything that has moisture—even wet clothing—which only aids in the … read more
Landscaping: How to Avoid Hidden Hazards
Apr 5th 2016

Landscaping: How to Avoid Hidden Hazards

Landscaping is a job that many DIYers who love to work outdoors take upon themselves. There are obvious dangers to this kind of work when operating heavy automatic machinery (rototillers, mowers, weed wackers, Bobcats, tractors, trenchers, and blowers) that we will cover below. Many creative home improvement enthusiasts and even some professional contractors are unaware of the potential hazards … read more
Nov 13th 2013

The Best Gloves for the Cuts, Abrasions, and Chemical Hazards

There are a thousand type of work gloves on the market these days. Gloves for highly specialized manufacturing and general assembly, and gloves to keep you from developing calluses on your hands while digging a hole. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. The more you know about gloves, the easier it is to find the one that will work best for the type of work you do. The fir … read more
May 7th 2012

The Greatest Pair of Gloves Ever

The ATG G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Gloves are possibly the greatest gloves ever, if you believe the people who have taken the time to write reviews to our site. Even the titles of their reviews are very positive - "The Bomb Gloves" (not sure what that means, but the rest of the five-star review is exceedingly positive), "Awesome" writes Will from Hell, Michigan, "Best Light Work … read more
Nov 30th 2011

Ninjas that Fight Ice: The Best Gloves for Handling Icy Water

In cold weather fishing, the hands are the first body part to suffer, and boy do they suffer. Last time I was in Northern Ontario, spring was late and by the end of the trip, my hands looked like raw hamburger. I’d have walked across Canada for a pair of Ninja Ice gloves by MCR Safety. The company makes two different models of nitrile-coated thermal-insulated gloves and both ar … read more