Connect your GX-3R Pro to the Cloud with RKI's Connected Worker Solution

Connect your GX-3R Pro to the Cloud with RKI's Connected Worker Solution

RKI Instrument’s GX-3R Pro 5-gas Monitor is a powerful gas detection device with all the latest technological features. RKI recently launched its Connected Worker Solution, which allows you to connect the GX-3R Pro device to the cloud, so you and your team can access readings in real-time, wherever and whenever you need them, even when you're not physically at the facility.

The solution includes:

  • Automation of critical safety alerts and incident management
  • Staying connected to keep workers and equipment safe and productive
  • Centralizing instrument data
  • Geofencing
  • Image & video media gallery
  • Safety Control Center dashboard
  • Lone worker feature with or without gas detection

The Connected Worker is a subscription service which provides a single view into your gas detector fleet and worker condition via the Safety Control Center (SCC). This software can be pulled up on your laptop, computer, or smartphone to inspect the readings on each monitor. The RKI gas monitor connects to your mobile phone using Bluetooth to use the free GuardHat app. This allows you to communicate with your team via text, voice, video conferencing, and push-to-talk, so you can coordinate with the operators onsite without leaving your post.

The SCC interface shows you everything you need to manage the situation when an alarm goes off. The Critical Alert section will highlight important safety and security notices with bold notifications, including the live gas readings on your monitors. You can also use geofencing to locate the monitors on the floor plan concerning other employees and the safe evacuation zone. Use the live contact features to notify workers in the area. The device will trigger six different types of alarms depending on what kind of RKI instrument you are using, including gas alarms, phone SOSs, panic alarms from the instrument, fall detection, motionless alerts for injured workers, and lone worker alerts if someone forgets to check-in.

You can customize the floor plan based on the threat level and PPE requirements, add shift start/stop times, and target specific workers most at risk. Operators can also upload images and videos of the equipment to the image and video gallery on the interface to help administrators see what's going on in the field. If the problem cannot be resolved and hazardous gases leak into the workplace, push the evacuation trigger on the interface to get your team out of harm's way.

The RKI Connected Worker Safety program is designed to help workers get around common obstacles on the job when time is of the essence. In other systems, only certain individuals have permission to interact with a gas monitor. If the device goes offline, the permissions must be transferred over, increasing monitor downtime. With the RKI software, workers scan the QR code on the equipment, and the permissions are automatically assigned to help the person get the equipment up and running as soon as possible.

Purchase the GX-3R Pro today to see what a difference it can make. Or give us a call at 855-469-2728 for pricing on RKI’s Connect Connected Worker Solution based on your specific project and needs.

Sep 1st 2023 PK Safety Team

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