Confined Space Entry on a Budget

Confined Space Entry on a Budget

We wanted to take a few minutes to talk about our Confined Space Entry Contractor’s Kit. This is perfect for folks doing occasional confined space work who don’t want to make a big investment in equipment. The Kit meets all relevant OSHA standards but won’t break the bank.

It comes with a BW MAX XT II 4-Gas Monitor. It’s one of our best sellers for confined space entry. The MAX XT has an internal pump and a hose attachment that allows you to pull air samples from the space you’re about to enter. It's is simple to operate – only 2 buttons - and it’s highly resistant to water and dirt.

The Harness, Winch, Tripod and Pulley in this kit are all from Protecta. They are designed to work together if there is an accident. This system allows an outside attendant to pull an unconscious or injured worker out of a confined space without having to enter themselves.

The Full-Body Protecta AB17530 Harness offers 5 points of adjustment and should fit folks in the medium to extra-large size range. It has a single dorsal D-ring where the winch cable attaches.

The tripod in this kit is a Protecta AK105A. It's made of aluminum. It’s light enough for one person to carry and set up. The legs are retractable and marked so it's easy to set up right the first time. This tripod meets or exceeds the 5000 lbs. required OSHA load capability.

The Protecta AK205AG winch that comes with the Contractor's Confined Space Entry Kit attaches to the tripod leg and works well for occasional confined space entry jobs. If you are doing this stuff every day, there are winches that may provide easier movement through the site. But for the one-time or periodic confined space entrant, this is going to work great and meet all safety standards.

It comes with 50 ft. of cable and, like the other components, meets all the OSHA standards for entry. The cable from the winch goes through another component that folks often forget - the snatch block pulley – which hangs from the tripod.

All of these products are made to work together and the set-up is very simple.

The final piece of this Confined Space Contractor’s Kit is the Allegro 8-inch blower. This lightweight, durable blower has a corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene housing. It is designed to flush your work area with clean air and comes with 25 feet of ducting. The ducting can be put away for storage in a convenient case with built-in handles.

This is a great kit for contractors and other folks needing to perform occasional confined space entry. Assembly is a snap, and you can be sure all the components are going to work together just right. The Kit provides both compliance with the OSHA standards and real safety for your workers.

If your work requires more frequent confined space entry, you should consider our upgraded kit –the Confined Space Entry System - which features a more robust equipment list.

If you have questions regarding your specific confined space entry, please call 800-829-9580 or contact us on the web at

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