Anchorage Connectors for Confined Space Work

Anchorage Connectors for Confined Space Work

Some say there are only two types of confined spaces: Those you've been in before, and those you haven't. And while things can certainly change even in spaces you've entered a thousand times, the need for solid anchorage is a constant.

The anchorage connectors section of our site provides a range of options from permanant concrete D-ring anchors to quick and easy tie-off adapters.

Because so much is literally riding on the anchorage equipment you choose, all the gear we offer is from manufacturers with extensive expertise in the area of fall protection. Companies like Capital Safety and the brands under their umbrella such as DBI-SALA, Protecta, and UCL, as well as Miller and rope access and climbing experts Petzl all make products that can be relied upon for difficult confined space entry.

Petzl specializes in rope access and their equipment for anchorage is typically lightweight and easy to deploy. The ANNEAU webbing loop is a simple loop of extremely durable polyester that can be wrapped around a variety of anchorage points, and even with its very light weight has a breaking strength of 22kN (or 5,000 lbs.) in a static situation. It's impressive, and useful, and easy to carry around with you.

Petzl also makes CONNEXION FIXE anchor straps which are also lightweight, easy to deploy, and a great way to form a secure tie-off point. The CONNECTION FIXE straps have a load strength of 35kN so with the proper anchorage point, you and your truck could likely hang from one if necessary.

If you have a connection challenge, or need more information about the anchorage equipment we offer, please please give us a call at 1-800-829-9580, or visit us online at

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