3-Year Warranty Gas Monitor Comparison

3-Year Warranty Gas Monitor Comparison

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a gas detector for your business is the length and  scope of the gas detector warranty. Substantial instrument and sensor warranties are a good indication of the product's quality, durability, and show that the gas detector supplier stands behind their customer service and technical support. This coverage can also significantly reduce the cost of ownership over the life of the device. With a long-term warranty, you can rest assured that you can repair your gas detector free of charge if you run into any issues.

Though most gas detection manufacturers offer some type of warranty, not many offer warranties of 3-years or more for both the device and sensors. Gas detector brands RKI InstrumentsMSA, and Honeywell are three that carry multi-gas monitors that are backed by at least 3-year warranties. Warranties may remain valid only if the product is maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and/or recommendations – so be sure to read those carefully! 

Use this gas detector warranty comparison to find the best option for your business.

Gas Detector Warranty Comparison

Let’s look at the warranties of three of the leading multi-gas detectors on the market today, including the RKI GX-3R 4 Gas Confined Space Monitor, MSA ALTAIR 4XR Multi-gas Detector, and BW Honeywell GasAlert MicroClip X3 4-Gas Detector.

The RKI GX-3R comes with a 3-year warranty from RKI Instruments. This applies to both the replaceable sensors and the device itself. It’s expected to last between 3 to 5 years, but RKI believes it can last a lifetime when properly maintained.

This is considered the smallest and lightest confined space monitor on the market today, and utilizes a new generation of micro sensors that can simultaneously detect lower explosive limit (LEL) combustibles, O2, H2S, and CO. The LEL sensor has a unique design with two active filaments in one sensor to increase it’s resistance to silicone poisoning. If one filament gets poisoned the second filament takes over. The new O2 sensor is electrochemical with a 3-5 year life span. H2S and CO are now available in a combo micro sensor.The device comes with audible visual alarms as well vibrations. The instrument flashes its 3 LED lights every 30 seconds. It comes with a clip that keeps it securely attached to the user’s breathing zone.

The RKI GX-3R also has the longest continuous operation time. The Lithium-ion battery pack will operate for 25 hours, making it perfect for 24/7 surveillance. You can recharge the device in just 3 hours, which is much faster than the other gas detectors on this list. 

The BW Honeywell GasAlert MicroClip X3 also comes with a three-year warranty for the instrument and sensors.

This is another lightweight, portable 4-gas detector targeting the LEL of CH4, O2, H2S, and CO. It is also designed to be clipped onto the user’s collar or jacket. It is priced 20 percent higher than the RKI GX-3R and offers many of the same features. It also has a life expectancy of five years.

The battery will last up to 18 hours and needs less than 6 hours of charging time.

The ALTAIR 4XR comes with a 4-year instrument and sensor warranty. Specific battery run-time over temperature is not warranted. This warranty does not cover filters, fuses, etc. As the battery pack ages, there will be a reduction in usable device run time. Certain other accessories may have different warranty periods.

It is a 4-gas detector targeting LEL of CH4, O2, H2S, and CO. You can connect to the device using the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. While it is quite a bit more expensive than the RKI GX-3R, it is known as the toughest multi-gas detector on the market. MSA claims it can withstand being dropped up up to 25 times from 4 feet without breaking.

The battery will last 24 hours and requires four hours of charging time.

Consider incorporating one of these multi-gas detectors into your operations to keep your workers safe in the field. 

Why Choose RKI Instruments for Gas Detection?

All three of these gas detectors will help protect you and your team from hazardous gases. They come with similar warranties, but RKI Instruments is known for its impeccable customer service when it comes to troubleshooting and device repair. According to the company, every employee has an average of 12 years of gas detection experience, and the top 6 executives have a combined industry experience of over 180 years. Even if your warranty expires, their team will help you find a way to get your device working again if the instrument can be saved, so you don’t have to purchase another gas detector down the line.

If you have questions about these warranties or any others for the gas monitors we carry, you can contact our PK Safety Experts online or call us at 855-469-2728.

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