Gas Clip Technologies Shaking Up the Gas Monitor Industry

Gas Clip Technologies Shaking Up the Gas Monitor Industry

There's a new kid on the block, and not everyone is happy to welcome them.

Gas Clip Technologies gas monitors have been around since 2009 and these days they're starting to compete with the big guys like BW Honeywell and Draeger. While they don't have the track record of reliability these companies enjoy, Gas Clip does offer prices and features that put them into the conversation when it's time for your company to purchase new equipment. For instance, their Single Gas Clip H2S Monitor is a portable gas detector that's as well-priced as our far-and-away most popular H2S monitor, the BW Honeywell Clip H2S Monitor, and that's saying something. Gas Clip distinguishes themselves from other producers with models like the Gas Clip Plus for H2S. This single gas monitor offers a feature that's not available with other single gas disposables. If Gas Clip can do it, we wonder why others don't. The Gas Clip Plus has a hibernation mode. Instead of continually operating for two years once it is activated (like most gas detectors in this segment of the market do), the Gas Clip Plus can be turned off, and only when the monitor is actively in use will it eat up the 24 month fixed life span.

In the multi-gas personal gas detection area, Gas Clip again sets itself apart. For the same price as monitors using the old pellistor sensor technology, Gas Clip offers the Multi Gas Clip with an IR Sensor. IR sensors for LEL have a number of distinct advantages. They don't get sensor poisoning from silicon or too much H2S, and only need to be calibrated every six months. IR sensors also use less juice. The Multi Gas Clip can run up to two full months on a single charge. Other monitors need to be charged every day - sometimes twice a day. Typically the IR technology is more expensive to produce, and other manufacturers have been charging top dollar for the improved performance. Gas Clip is delivering the technology without a big jump in price, and companies who can benefit are sure to be paying attention.

While we'll have to keep an eye on the continued quality, service, and long-term cost of ownership, early indications are that Gas Clip monitors are delivering what customers want - function at the right price. While it may be making the big gas monitor producers unhappy to have a new player, competition is always good for the consumer.

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