Arc Flash Kits

Arc Flash Kits

Head-to-toe protection is necessary when working in environments where arc flashes are a hazard. From eye and face protection to rubber-soled boots and individual items to complete kits, PK Safety has your arc flash protection needs covered.


Arc flash clothing kits are the best way to protect yourself and your team when the job requires protection from electrical shocks, intense heat, and bright lights. An arc flash protective kit will give you all the PPE you need if all of the other protections at work fail.

These arc flash kits provide a variety of arc flash protection including, arc flash coats, arc flash hoods, arc flash ArcShields, arc flash coveralls, arc flash suits, and other arc flash clothing. You can even find some kits that include gloves. All kits come with an electrical gear bag.

What PPE is required for arc flash?

Arc flash protective clothing and equipment needs to be compliant with the NFPA 70E standard and within the category that your industry requires. This equipment is designed to protect workers within flash protection boundaries who are working on or around energized or de-energizing equipment.

Each industry will have different needs for its attire, but arc flash protection looks largely the same for all of them. Choose garments from the following types with the appropriate arc flash protection for the work you will be doing:

  • Coveralls

  • Pants

  • Shirts

  • Hoods

  • Suits

  • Harnesses

  • Hard hats and liners

  • Face shields

  • Neck protection

  • Ear and hearing protection

  • Insulated gloves

  • Insulated footwear

  • Eye protection

  • Outwear like rainwear, parkas, etc.

PK Safety sells individual types of items if you need specific protection to complete your arc flash PPE set or if you’re replacing something that’s damaged or worn out. We also carry arc flash kits from trusted brands like NSA, Oberon, and PIP if you need a complete set from the start.

Remember that while all arc flash clothing is flame resistant, not all flame resistant clothing is rated for arc flash protection. Make sure that your garments match your requirements, or talk to a safety expert if you’re unsure.

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