Arc Flash Coveralls

Coveralls are a must when you and your team are working around or near potential fire hazards, including welding and electrical switchgear. At PK Safety, we sell a range of arc flash clothing and coveralls, so you and your team can work with more peace of mind. All flame-resistant fabrics are specifically manufactured to prevent the spread of fire. Our fr coveralls come in a range of different sizes and styles—you can find something for every member of your team. They fit comfortably over your clothes, so you can quickly protect yourself before stepping out into the field. You can also color-coordinate your flame-resistant safety gear for a more professional look.

Our arc flash coveralls are made with durable fabrics for more protection on the job. The seams come reinforced; you don’t have to worry about your coveralls falling apart when you need them most. They feature bar-tacked reinforcements at various stress points, so you and your team can use them again and again. With elastic inserts and lay down collars, they’re designed to keep your team comfortable at work, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. They also come with plenty of pockets, so you can easily keep track of everything you need on the job, including tools, radios, and other safety gear. With hemmed sleeves and snap closures, you’ll still have room for gloves and other safety essentials without exposing yourself to potential fire hazards.

Browse our selection of fr clothing and flame-resistant arc flash kits and products below for more protection on the job.