AimSafety O2/IR LEL Multi-Gas Monitor PM400-IR2G

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The AimSafety PM400-IR2G is a 2-gas detector features a NDIR (Non-dispersive Infra-Red) LEL sensor. This Multi-Gas Monitor brings enhanced convenience and flexibility to gas detection in hazardous environments. The ergonomic PM400 diffusion gas monitor simultaneously detects up to 2 gases, including oxygen (O2) and combustibles (LEL). AimSafety’s PM400 is easy to use and delivers a continuous digital display of gas concentrations , along with flashing, audible and vibrating alarms once pre-set levels are reached. Full specs are available on the Data Sheet.

The NDIR LEL sensor is significant in that it does not detect Hydrogen (H2) and Acetylene, while the Catalytic Bead (Pellistor) sensor will. The advantages of a NDIR sensor are that they cannot be poisoned, do not need oxygen to operate, and use far less power than Catalytic Bead LEL sensors. The resulting increase in battery life is quite dramatic - 24 hours vs. 60 days!

Applications: Confined space entry, oil & gas, heavy metal & steel, chemical plants, pulp & paper, municipalities, food & beverage, contractor/construction, first responder

Key Features:

  • Infrared LEL Sensor
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Single button operation
  • Rugged, high visual housing
  • IP67 dust tight & water resistant
  • 60-day continuous runtime
  • IR sensor is immune to poisoning
  • IR sensor use in inert (low O2) environments
  • UL & CSA Certified



Data Sheet:

Quick Start Guide:

Product Number:
70-2900-0512-1 (PM400-IR2G)

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Additional Information

Gas Type:
%LEL, O2
Country of Origin:
Republic of Korea
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