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Aero Healthcare NeutraFlush Gravity Fed Eyewash Station w/Drain Cart

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Aero Healthcare NeutraFlush Gravity Fed Eyewash Station with Drain Cart delivers prompt and reliable eyewash solutions wherever needed. Designed for rapid relief in emergencies, this portable eyewash stations feature user-friendly components and easy assembly. Its portable design ensures mobility, offering immediate eyewash access across various settings. The 16-gallon gravity-fed Eyewash Station has a one-second, one-step activation to deliver up to 15 minutes of non-injurious flow. It complies with ANSI Z358.1-2014 standards for portable eyewash stations.

Key Features:

  • Mobility for swift deployment across any site
  • Instant one-step activation for immediate flow
  • Ensures a minimum 15-minute, safe flow
  • Complies with ANSI Z358.1 standards
  • The eye-catching green color enhances visibility in emergencies
  • Comes with water preservative, a test log card, drainage hose, and a wall bracket.

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