3M P100 Particulate Filters (Pair) 2091

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The 3M 2091 P100 (HEPA) Filter is sold by the pair and features extremely fine filtration that traps all but the most minuscule particles. The 3M 2091 P100 Filters fit on the 3M 6000 Half Face Respirator and the 3M 7500 Respirator, as well as the 3M 6000 Full Face Respirator. HEPA filtration is rated to remove 99.9% of particles .3 microns and larger. This includes most welding fumes (burnt metal), toxic dusts like asbestos and lead, and folks with allergies to many environmental dusts. We recommend using an asbestos mask if you are working on the heating vents or ducts, popcorn ceilings, automotive brake linings, or pipe insulation.

Sometimes called a 3M P100 pancake filter, they are attached directly to the mask. A simple 1/4 turn locks them on. No retainers or other attachment methods are needed. Our customers use them to protect against asbestos and lead dusts in particular, as well as a host of other dusts, allergens, and fumes. The filters are extremely lightweight and flexible, and they fit tight against the mask, which makes wearing this type of mask a bit more comfortable.

This filter is also available as an assembly paired with the 3M 6000 Asbestos Mask. When bought together, this 3M 6000 Lead and Asbestos Mask is one of our most popular items.

*If the hazard is mold, or if you are arc welding, then we would suggest the 3M 2097 P100 HEPA Filter that has a layer of charcoal. Active mold growth produces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that won't be absorbed by the 2091. Arc welding produces ozone, which also won't be absorbed.

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14 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome filter for welding!

    Posted by Jake the Metal Man on May 5th 2015

    These are great for welding. I put these on the 3M 6500 QL. Fits well under a welding hood. These are great because of the organic vapor filter, it gets rid of all the smell that is produced when welding. PK Safety did a good job as far as delivery time went. Would highly recommend.

  • 5
    They work but what a color.

    Posted by George on Apr 3rd 2015

    The filters do the job they are supposed to do well but why on earth do they have to be shocking pink for a green and grey mask? Why not grey? That would earn me fewer astonished stares at the shooting range.

  • 5
    Back up set

    Posted by DLS of KY on Nov 3rd 2014

    I ordered the filters as a back up for the half mask I ordered that had them on it already. I am very pleased with the way they kept the saw dust, insulation dust and demolition dust out of ME!

  • 5

    Posted by Rob on Oct 30th 2014

    I recently was able to convert my civilian Israeli 40mm gas mask to accept 3M filters and was seeking a P100 HEPA rated filter to provide possible protection from airborne pathogens. My order came through exceptionally well. The 2091 filter was exactly what I was looking for and I was very happy with the quality of the product.

  • 5
    Great quality

    Posted by Lizzie on Oct 6th 2014

    I have been very pleased with these filters & all of the supplies that I ordered! I can not say enough good things about the customer service that I received! They are awesome!

  • 4
    Worked for us

    Posted by Wild Investment on Aug 14th 2014

    We were using filters that were really for fumes and we needed to block out dust and what could have potentially been asbestos. These worked great in keeping and filtering all dust and fibers. Would buy them again.

  • 5
    Will buy again

    Posted by Steve on Aug 22nd 2013

    Use for construction demo. Feel protected. Nothing negative.

  • 5
    Particulate Filter

    Posted by Paula Rueter on Aug 22nd 2013

    Easy to use and place on your respirator. Item quickly shipped.

    Easy to install on your respirator.

    I do not dislike anything about this item.

  • 5
    Filter review

    Posted by Marvin on Aug 22nd 2013

    Hope it is working -- it fits fine and is easy to change out -- using it to filter asbestos, so again -- HOPE it is working