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3M FT-13 Fit Test Nebulizer for the FT-10 and FT-30

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Replacement Nebulizer for the FT-10 and the FT-30 fit test kits. The Nebulizer FT-13 from 3M forms part of the FT-10 or FT-30 Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus, that is used to check the fit and seal of dust masks (such as the N95 mask) or respirator masks and to ensure they meet OSHA standards and that your workers are protected. The FT-13 Nebulizer works to diffuse the test solutions (FT-11, FT-12, FT-31, FT-32) to see if the test subject can detect the aroma, thus checking the fit and function of respirator masks. If any aroma is detected it is assumed that potentially toxic or noxious gases could also seep through any gaps, which would be harmful to the wearer, so an alternative respirator is needed. Those working in potentially dusty or harmful environments should be fit tested regularly, before using any respirator equipment or dust masks on the job. The fit tests should be done regularly to meet Operational Safety and Health Association's regulations.

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