3M Respirators

PK Safety experts love 3M products because we believe in their vision to improve every life and solve problems through innovation in technology, environmental initiatives, and business culture and practices. 3M has done so much for safety and convenience in everyday life, from safer buildings and driving to more sustainable electronics, and some of their many innovations have been used to protect our lungs as we work on hazardous projects.

3M manufactures some of our most trusted respirators and are an award-winning company thanks to their products and practices. Whether you’re working on a dusty or fume-filled DIY project at home or outfitting a team on an industrial worksite, 3M has respirators, masks, filters, and cartridges that can help you breathe easier.

One of the biggest advantages about 3M is the convenience. No matter where you are in the world, odds are that you’ll be able to find someone that sells respirator filters and cartridges for 3M products. Whether you’re buying your supplies from us or making an emergency trip in the middle of your work, you can always find high-quality 3M respirator filters and respirators for easy breathing, including combination cartridge/filters, pre-filters, and face-shield covers that all work together to offer a wider array of protective options.

The convenience isn’t the only advantage, though. Many of 3M’s respirators feature innovations that help you stay cool and dry while breathing hard, even after all-day wear. Their gear is easy to wear, with even the reusable full face masks being lightweight, well-balanced, and comfortable. Silicone face seals on their reusable respirators mean an unparalleled and secure fit that, when properly worn, ensures that you’re safe from harmful particulates like industrial paints, stains, chemicals, mold, and other hazards. 

And because 3M is a global innovation company, they’re constantly striving for new ideas and progress to keep people everywhere safe as they move forward. There was a time when masks were big and bulky with many complicated parts that needed to be replaced. Now, you can buy a reusable mask that can easily be cleaned with soap and water, with filters and cartridges that easily screw into place, and that when they finally do wear out can be replaced for a great price. It’s easier than ever to stay safe thanks to innovators like those at 3M, and we’re proud to carry their products now as well as in the future, whatever their next ideas might be.

We recommend the 3M Lead Dust Mask (8233 N100 Particulate Respirator) for any work involving lead abatement, welding-related metal fumes, some radioactive particulates, and non-oil containing mists. It has a better-than-average fit for a disposable mask thanks to the inner face seal, and an exhalation valve helps keep it and your face cool and dry. For a reusable, easy-to-clean, maintenance-free respirator and a great foundation for a complete mask, we like the 3M 6000 half face respirator combined with the appropriate filters and cartridges; the 3M 7500 series half face respirator is another option. For a full-face option like you would need for mold remediation, grinding, welding, or painting, we like the 3M 6000 Series full face respirator, which is easy to clean, comfortable to wear, very well-fitted and well-balanced, and offers primary eye protection for jobs that would need safety glasses (and a spectacle kit so that it works with any prescription eyewear). While these are our favorites, all of 3M’s respirators and filters offer great protection across an array of hazards.

Information about individual respirators, masks, and filter selection can be found on their pages. If you have more questions, PK Safety’s experts are always available to provide answers.